Quartz Countertop

Quartz Countertop

Getting my own home after years of hard work and overtime was something you can call a dream come true. When you know you are going into your dream home you start imagining how you are going to do your interior. But the best part was I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what not and how you do not need extremely expensive or so many art pieces all together to make a beautiful elegant home and how a simple yet tasteful countertop can change a whole perspective of your home and why I choose Quartz Countertop over any other countertop. Being an interior enthusiast I felt like it was my time to shine and do whatever I ever dreamt of, it was happening my own home was being made. I know when you have the authority to make the decision on your own home and the decision which is a long-term investment and quite expensive it becomes quite harder than we can imagine, and when there are so many options out there it actually became quite confusing. But after going through so many companies we came to MIKIA CABINETS who not only made us understand each and everything so patiently but also gave us the best price rate than any other company can you imagine? And I am also going to tell you why I choose them over so many other choices I had but first, you need to know which type of countertop you need and which one would work for you, so to get all my answers we went to them with these questions:

Quartz Countertop

What is a countertop?

A countertop is basically a plain or horizontal surface where you put your stuff on them. It usually belongs inside the front of your kitchen, inside your bathroom or you can also have a little countertop in your living room. A tasteful countertop can give your home a piece of art. When a guest will arrive at your place they will not enter your bedroom to see how you decorated your personal space but an elegant counter piece will speak for you.

Quartz Countertop

These were the main reason I chose Quartz Countertop over any other material. But as Quartz is a natural stone there are some things we need to keep some things in mind:

Quartz Countertop

One of the best advantages of choosing Quartz Countertop was I had a lot of color options to choose from. My kitchen had enough sunlight so I Choose a darker color to give it a contrast. Quartz countertop colors are available in white, warm white, brown, black, pink. If you don’t have enough sunlight in your room try to go with a lighter color.

Quartz Countertop is the easiest to clean than any other countertop. But yet we have to maintain certain instructions while using that these are

You can get your Quartz Countertop in two sizes these are 2 cm thick and 3 cm thick, you can do your other custom thickness as well but it might be hard to install.

Quartz Countertop sealer: Quartz is a pore-less material so even if you put sealer on your

Quartz Countertop will not absorb the sealer.

We went to them with some general questions and then they explained to us all these things so that we know what we were going to get what was going to be the best for us. And also their

That’s why I knew MIKIA CABINETS is the one I was comfortable giving the responsibility of my home. You can contact them through their email: mikiacabinets@gmail.com

Or contact them at: +1 – (647) 400 6768

Or visit their website: MikiaCabinets.ca

I hope this was helpful to you. This is my advice on why I choose the Quartz Countertop through MIKIA and hope it was helpful to you in choosing the right kind of countertop for your sweet home.