Laminate Countertop

Laminate Countertop

Everyone thinks that laminate countertop are the worst but, in this day, and age we might need to rethink that idea. Advances in technology have led to more improved quality and variety of design choices in all types of a laminate countertop. The old Formica laminate countertop is way behind when compared to today’s high-pressure laminate countertop. Thus far, the best material over the years has been laminate. Keep on reading to learn more about the advantages of a laminate countertop. If you are looking for a top-notch laminate countertop then you should go to and contact +1 – (647) 400 6768

What is a laminate countertop?

Laminate Countertop

Laminate countertop are very affordable, durable and a good alternative to heavy expensive stone tops, and laminate countertop are invented by Formica, the company. For any laminate countertop, Formica soon became the unofficial name. The basic composition has remained the same since its establishment. To form a decorative thin layer, layers of plastic resin, the protective resin are put together and heated to form this outside layer. This outside layer is closely attached to a solid substrate to turn it into a usable surface. If you are looking for a top-notch laminate countertop then you should go to and contact +1 – (647) 400 6768

  • Variety of Color and design options: Today’s laminate countertop has a wide range of color and designs options. They can look very similar to granite, quartz, marble, or anything else.


  • Affordable: After buying a laminate countertop, your renovating budget will have much more room for other items because of its affordability.


  • Blemish resistant: Laminate countertop has a non-permeable surface because of which dirt and moisture are hard to settle in, which ultimately makes it less likely to have stains.


  • No maintenance: To keep a laminate countertop protected and looking great, no special care or sealing is required.


  • Easy to DIY: laminate countertop is a popular do-it-yourself item because of its easy installation process.

Laminate countertop are the most budget-friendly item, their prices average from 30$ per square foot, it can be as low as 10$ per square foot and can be as high as 50$ per square foot for a custom-constructed laminate countertop. Now comes the installation part, expert installation charges can be around 30$ per square foot.

If you decide to install a stock laminate countertop by yourself then material and installation could be even more inexpensive. Precut lengths of laminate countertop in stock are often available at retailers. If you are content with not having a custom-designed luxury laminate countertop then the entire installation can cost just a few hundred dollars. If you are looking for a top-notch and affordable laminate countertop then you should go to and contact +1 – (647) 400 6768

You do not have much to do when it comes to taking care of a laminate countertop. Normal mild soap and light wash are enough to keep a laminate countertop looking great. But you should keep knife edges and hot pans away from the laminate countertop. You can use cutting boards and hot pads to keep them from damaging these items. Also, avoid using harsh cleansers with added abrasives because they can permanently stain the laminate countertop. If you are looking for a top-notch laminate countertop then you should go to and contact +1 – (647) 400 6768

A wide range of color and design options are offered by specialty cabinet retailers and local home centers. Custom ordered laminate countertop can look very similar to almost any surface such as quartz, granite, marble, or any solid surface or any color imaginable. Sometimes even stock laminate countertop doesn’t need a custom order, because they already have unique looks that match what you need. If you are looking for top-notch and a wide range of designs for laminate countertop then you should go to and contact +1 – (647) 400 6768

If handled properly, the laminate countertop can last up to 15 years. They will start to wear off after 15 years and heavy use can significantly shorten their lifespan. Delamination and the need for replacement are required when exposed to unusual moisture levels. They are not at all suited for an outdoor kitchen. If you are looking for a top-notch and durable laminate countertop then you should go to and contact +1 – (647) 400 6768

Laminate Countertop Repair

Laminate Countertop

It is very easy to fix and repair your laminate countertop and prevent it from aging and chipping in some cases common items you have in your house or using simple techniques. If you want to keep it budget-friendly plus also want to give your laminate countertop a new fresh look, you can completely transform the outlook of your laminate countertop with less than 300$. For the DIYer tough peels and refinishing kits, and vinyl coverings are tailor-made, and the results are real granite slab’s dead ringer. If you are looking for a top-notch laminate countertop then you should go to and contact +1 – (647) 400 6768

Laminate paint or color-matched repair pen which is available at almost every hardware store or home improvement center can be used to fix small gouges, scratches, and chips. Choose the color which matches your laminate countertop color.

You can’t apply any excess when hardened without damaging the rest of the laminate. Be careful that you don’t need to overfill. Keep in mind, we only need to hide the defect.

A paste made from baking soda and water can be used to remove stains. You can apply this paste and let it stay for a couple of hours. Gently wipe with a paper towel and don’t rub harshly.

You can use nail polish remover, paint thinner, denatured alcohol, and acetone for more stubborn and bigger stains. Use them on a clean rag (use white rags so that fabric color doesn’t get on the laminate countertop). Use sparingly.

You can give your laminate countertop a fresh new look using paint. Out of all the decorative paints, faux granite is one of the most forgiving paints. Using a sponge and dabbing motion, it is easy to get a variegated look. This is perfect for large surfaces such as laminate countertop and you can keep doing this until it looks right. If you are looking for a top-notch laminate countertop then you should go to and contact +1 – (647) 400 6768

Your final result will be very dependent upon the fact that how good is your prep work. Follow these guidelines for the best prep work:

You should first clean the laminate countertop with soap and water to remove blemishes. TSP is a great product for doing it, but it isn’t the most environmentally friendly product instead of that you can make your own with equal warm water and vinegar or buy a green cleaner.

You should wipe the surface with glycol and do not touch the surface again because your fingertips may have oil on them.

You should also be wary of pets and kids and keep them out of the area.

Around sinks and faucets remove clogging from connections.

Using two-part epoxy flexible, repair blemish and cracks.

Use painter’s tape upon everything that you don’t want to paint. Please be careful when applying painter’s tape because it is more of an art than most people realize.

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