Granite Countertop

How to Install a Granite Countertop

Homeowners and interior designers in this era regard a granite countertop as the standard for every modern kitchen. You can’t list kitchen countertops made with natural materials without mentioning a granite countertop. Granite usage makes the countertop unique. Extremely sharp objects, particularly knives, won’t have any negative effect on a granite countertop. This is why many homeowners prefer it. The interior designers at +1-(647) 400 6768 recommend it.

What Patterns Do Granite Countertops Come In?

A granite countertop can come in different patterns. These patterns include speckled, veined and dotted, etc. This type of countertop offers kitchens a unique structure no matter the color or pattern it comes in. One of the companies that make and can install a granite countertop is +1-(647)400 6768. You can also install a granite countertop in your bathroom. This content discusses some tips on how to install a granite countertop.

Are Granite Countertops Durable?

The main reason why homeowners prefer granite countertops is because granite lasts long. Experts predict that granite countertops can last for as long as a century if they are well taken care of. Granite countertops are resistant to heat and scratching because they are made of tough materials. While granite offers durability to countertops, this natural material comes in multiple colors such as green, gray, white, red, black, blue, tan, pink and yellow, etc.

DIY Techniques on How to Install a Granite Countertop

A granite countertop can offer beauty to any space they are installed in. While it is ideal to hire the services of a professional firm like +1-(647) 400 6768 to install your granite countertop, you might fancy the idea of doing it yourself. Doing this can seem ambitious. However, it is achievable.

Measure the Space For your Granite Countertop

To begin the process, cut a piece of paper to serve as a template for your granite countertop. Place this piece of paper on your cabinet and trace your countertop. After tracing it, carefully cut off the edges so that it will be the same as the surface of your countertop. If you are installing it on a granite countertop in your kitchen sink, track the sinkhole on the granite. Note that this stage must be done carefully so that you don’t miss the correct measurements. A consultation with the experts at +1-(647) 400 6768 will enlighten you.

Determine the Size of Overhang Needed for your Granite Countertop

The professionals at +1-(647) 400 6768 recommend that you determine the size of overhang you will be needing for your countertop. Once you have decided this, you can make it a part of your template. Every granite countertop must have an overhang of 1.5″ on average. It will be ideal to avoid using an overhang that is longer than 1.5″. If you make this mistake, you’ll need to add steel braces to your granite countertop to support it. Once you have mapped out the extra measurements, adjust your template to accommodate them. Preferably +1-(647) 400 6768 will map out these additional measurements a lot better.

Choose a Slab For your Granite Countertop

You can buy the quantity of granite you need to prepare your countertop at kitchen showrooms and local fabricators like +1-(647) 400 6768. While you are at it, request a catalog. This will expose you to a selection of designs and patterns of granite countertops. You’ll be able to choose from these designs for a style befitting your bathroom or kitchen. As stated above when it comes to colors, granite can either be black, brown, blue, red, and white. Knowing this is important.

You can acquire granite with the same measurement of the square foot of your kitchen. +1-(647) 400 6768 can help with this. There’s also the option of ordering a slab that has already finished edges. You can also make sure the edges are smooth too. Choosing a slab for your granite countertop can be the job of the professionals at +1-(647) 400 6768 as well.

Reinforce your Granite Countertop

It is best +1-(647) 400 6768 completes this task because it is one of the most important things to do. Start by cutting a piece of plywood. This piece of wood should be used on your cabinet to reinforce it. Make sure the wood and your template have the same measurement. After measuring it, market the areas that need trimming on edges. Trim these areas with a saw. Cut the sinkhole for your countertop as well. Pay attention to the overhang measurements when cutting the wood. This way you’ll be able to reinforce your countertop like the professionals at +1-(647) 400 6768 do.

Attach the Plywood to the Cabinet for your Granite Countertop +1-(647) 400 6768 recommend drilling screws on the cabinet as the best way to attach the plywood to it. You can go under the countertop to drill screws. You can also do the same thing on each corner of your cabinet. Make sure the screws are placed upwards. This ensures that the wood is firmly placed on the countertop. The space between each screw should be 20 cm. Make sure you use protective gear while carrying out this task.

Make Sure your Granite Countertop Fits

This part is very important. Usually a company like +1-(647) 400 6768 can ensure that the granite countertop fits. However, handy people will take up the challenge to install their granite countertop. Here is a suggestion. Dry fit the granite and position it on the countertop to see whether it fits or not. Do this with great care to avoid complications. If there’s a need to make adjustments this is the time to do them. If you ordered the slab from a vendor like +1-(647) 400 6768 and it doesn’t fit, simply contact them to change it for you.

Trace the Areas you Need to Cut

You can trace the areas that need cutting on the granite with painter’s tape. Place the countertop on the granite slab and make any adjustments you need to make. Cut the paper on the cabinet with scissors. It should be used to track the edges that have to be cut from the slab. You can get a well-finished slab from +1-(647) 400 6768. Sometimes +1-(647) 400 6768 can give you an option that has a sinkhole already. However, for DIY installing the sinkhole yourself will be preferable. This way you won’t have issues mounting your granite countertop.

Smooth the Edges With a Wet Grinding Wheel

You can smooth the edges of your granite countertop or slab with a wet grinding wheel. Do this by attaching the grinding wheel to a hose connected to the water supply. Once the grinder is switched on, place it on the edge of the granite and start smoothing it. Do this carefully back and forth on the granite slab. Don’t stop until the edges show your desired smoothness. +1-(647) 400 6768 can help to smooth the edges as well.

Fix your Sink

The final step in the whole process is to install your sink. You can do this by applying caulking on the rim of the cabinet. After this, place the sink part of the granite into your countertops sinkhole. The two must fit. Apply caulk on the top side of the sink. That’s the area that rests on granite. Apply caulk on the bottom of the sink and the sides. Make sure the side hanging inside the cabinet isn’t avoided. +1-(647) 400 6768 can do this.

Final Words

The above DIY suggestions on how to mount your granite countertop will go a long way to helping homeowners who are handymen or women. However, if you need a professional service provider to install your granite countertop, contact +1-(647) 400 6768 for more information. +1-(647) 400 6768 will ensure that your granite countertop is well installed.