Custom Workstation

Custom Workstation
Custom Workstation

When we started our business from scratch we did not have enough funding. All we had was our extremely hardworking and dedicated office staff who brought our business to the next level for the past few years. Working from the same old and semi-broken building is neither fun nor fruitful. Earlier we could not afford to give a better workstation for our employees but eventually, we had come to the point that our business was booming and we badly need of a Custom Workstation for our office staffs. But when we wanted to give our interior design imagination to life we were clueless. But then we found Mikia Cabinets but we had so many queries and questions of ourselves we had to do every interior from scratch. So we were very skeptical about trusting Mikia Cabinets. But when we listed our needs and researched a lot and literally everything about Mikia Cabinets we found that no one can be better than Mikia Cabinets for us. So now I am going to tell you what I had to keep in my mind while doing Custom Workstation and why you should choose Mikia Cabinets only for this.

Usually, we invest more time in our office space than at home. To get the most utilization of employers it is important to give them the fresh chance to connect with their workplace, a new Custom Workplace gives an opportunity to them to reconnect. It is extremely hard to do a Custom Workstation which is office-friendly yet extremely fresh and charming for the office staff to be energized most of the time and very welcoming for clients. The workplace should provide both worker and the client a very warm feeling. And the office design should hold a very direct message of what the business is about. Eventually, after a lot of discussion and brainstorming, we had finally come to our main interior design now it was time to give life to that dream Custom Workstation.

Custom Workstation

When you do something in business you cannot take a decision independently. You have to discuss with your team ask for opinions from your staff but if something goes wrong you are accountable for this. Doing a Custom workstation was needed a lot of money and if something went wrong we had to face a huge loss of money. But then Mikia Cabinets came to the rescue and did the best work we had imagined.

When we were deciding on choosing a company to do our Custom Workstation we were badly in need of a company which had all the services together which we needed. But most of the service providers did not have all the services together but Mikia Cabinets had it so we were extremely happy after knowing that. The services we needed was

Countertop: It is the horizontal surface where you can put your stuff like food plates, do your reception works something like that. It is usually inside a kitchen or inside your living space. A not so pricey yet very elegant countertop can change the perspective of your space to a very different level. As I had a lot of countertop ideas like Granite, Marble, Wooden, Tiles, and Quartz Countertop I was basically clueless then Mikia Cabinets advised me to get Quartz Countertop which is less expensive yet extremely elegant, it is poreless so it is more hygienic.

Office space: A lot of service providers were doing only home-based work so it was hard to find one for our Custom Workstation design. But then we found that Mikia Cabinets does office space carpentry. Mikia Cabinets made us extremely spacious tables yet they consumed less office space. They made their furniture keeping in mind that we had extremely little space yet we had a huge amount of hardworking staffs the result was amazing.

Library: We decided to make a little study room for our office workers we had a huge amount of book collection yet very little space. We wanted to showcase every book collection we had so it was quite a hard imagination but Mikia Cabinets did that so gracefully it was such a dream come true.

Closet and Wardrobes: We wanted to make a homely space for our workers as they had to spend more time at the office than at home. We made a closet so they could keep some clothes. Mikia Cabinets made such a spacious closet wardrobe where we kept not only spare clothes but we also could keep our other spare pair of shoes as well.

Vanity: Usually inside a bathroom when you have a box cabinet under a sink that also has a bathroom countertop it is called a vanity. Mikia Cabinets made the female-friendly vanity inside the female washroom and the male-friendly vanity inside the male washroom.

Custom Design Furniture: It is really important to design your furniture scientifically perfect because your workers’ health depends on furniture. If the chair they spend most of their time on is not perfect they could get permanent back and waist pain. If the table is too high their eyesight could ruin and if the table is too low their back could get arched. Mikia Cabinets did not only make spacious tables but they patiently noted all our workers’ heights and made all custom tables and chairs for them. And it was perfect.

Wall units: Wall unit was the most sensitive part of our Custom Workstation. Because when you make something attached to the wall it gets permanent. Poor working can damage your wall permanently. And what if it is not earthquake friendly then we could face huge trouble. But as usual Mikia Cabinets did their work so perfectly without damaging our office wall we were amazed and as we were there present while they were making our wall unit we were sure anything could happen but that wall unit was strong enough to even get through an earthquake.

These were the services we wanted and we got from Mikia Cabinets perfectly. But before we collaborated with them I had some questions like:
Custom Workstation

But before choosing Mikia Cabinets they claimed that they

  • They have 10 years of experience.
  • They will beat their competitor with the best pricing.
  • They have quality craftsmen.
  • Fast response.
  • Free estimation and measurement.

All my concerns were gone as soon as we started to work with them.

  • They were punctual.
  • Their backbone is their client friendliness.
  • They were extremely fast to answer our questions.
  • They were always there to give us appropriate advice.
  • They were always on time.
  • They finished our Custom Workstation works 2 days before then they inspected if it had any issues, it was perfect.
Custom Workstation
  • Their quality of the material was top-notch, regardless of any pricing you choose.
  • Their work quality is the best than any other competitors they have.
  • Their attention to detail is something else.
  • Everything they choose did go together perfectly.
  • They will follow up with you every now and then.
  • Even during the lockdown situation, their shipping time was perfect.
  • Reasonable pricing, they had every kind of comfortable pricing for every client, so everybody can get their service.
  • At the same time, they are not only very professional but also very friendly.
  • They will listen to you, your complaints, your desires, and any modification you want they will listen and will do accordingly.
  • They are great fixers, even if you find any problem which is impossible to solve they will fix that seamlessly.
  • They made our dram imagination to reality, even better.
  • They will go to any extent to make sure that their client was getting exactly wanted they wanted.
  • Their estimation and measurement were free.
  • They are very responsible.
  • They will paint and fix any additional spots, and clean before leaving.
  • They will even advise you for your future project.
  • Their initial customer service is free.
  • They are in the market for 10 years.

But the best thing was the service we got was more than that. working with them was both satisfying and it was worth the money. You can contact Mikia Cabinet through their website:

You can also contact Mikia Cabinet through their E-mail:

or with Mikia Cabinets contact: Tel: +1 – (647) 400 6768

Custom Workstation

Custom Workstation is long-term work, if anything went wrong like the customization the suffering will not only be long term but also expensive.

So if you choose any company make sure they have work experience, great quality, and options to choose from, they are professional yet friendly. My Custom Workstation went perfectly with Mikia Cabinets. This was my suggestion for you before you start your workstation customization hope this be helpful to you.