Custom Wall Unit Cabinet and Fireplace

Custom Wall Unit Cabinet and Fireplace

Custom Wall Unit Cabinet and Fireplace

A hole in the wall is common in new homes. That space is ideal for built-in cabinets, such as a custom wall unit. We used to call them entertainment centers or custom entertainment wall units.

Now, we have included home theatre along with wall units with fireplace as well. They’re all basically the same: the ideal location for your TV, cable box, sound devices, video games, and a variety of other items. In the next plan for making a custom wall unit cabinet and fireplace, you can also include bookshelves, cupboards, and drawers in your design according to your needs.

Custom Wall Unit Cabinet

MIKIACabinets custom wall units can be used in a bedroom, a compact alcove, a nook, a fireplace, or a TV wall. Our wall units are among our most customizable designs, designed to fit almost any place.

So go ahead and let your imagination run free when planning a location for your home entertainment center, showcase cabinet, closet, or library shelving.

MikiaCabinets fully comprehend that the media and entertainment center is a hub for relaxation and enjoyment in most apartments and homes.

Our custom wall unit cabinets are made especially to fit the interior with a compact, modern and unique design. That accommodates your home’s design features while hiding unaesthetic power cables.

Whether it’s a restroom wall to hold a Murphy Bed, a workplace in the house, a cupboard, or a playroom for kids, our custom wall unit cabinets blend elegance, quality, and function to offer the perfect organizing and storage space in nearly any part of your home.

Custom Wall Unit Cabinet and Fireplace
Custom Wall Unit Cabinet and Fireplace

Custom Wall Cabinetry

Custom cabinets are storage spaces that are measured, developed, and built specifically for a particular room. They can be attached to the roof or placed on the ground. Custom unit cabinets are storing cabinets designed especially for the space they will be utilized in. You can contact MikiaCabinets (+1 – (647) 400 6768) for more interior designs and Consulting for your available room space.

Beyond entertainment centres and wall units, custom cabinetry takes a step further. It’s an addition to your home, providing stability by becoming a part of the aesthetically built interior and integrating with its surroundings.

Shelving was frequently built in older homes into the walls of dining rooms, vestibules, libraries, and kitchens. These lovely budget-stretching additions are often not considered in modern buildings. On the other hand, our team of designers can transform your plain walls into robust custom cabinetry that believes to have always been there.

Which Custom Wall Unit Cabinet should I select?

Custom Wall Unit Cabinet and Fireplace
You realize you need a wall unit, but you’re unsure which style will suit you best in your home or with your style of living? Below are some ideas for you to explore, ranging from living room unit to wall unit cabinet with fireplace (or you can Call us at +1 – (647) 400 6768 for FREE Consultation).

These wall unit cabinets are custom-made to match your living room, taking into consideration available space as well as current coloring and décor schemes.

TV wall units are not only for aesthetic beauty but also practically helpful in storing related media devices and other home stuff in the cabinets. They’re the ideal spot for your television while also adding charm and elegance to the room’s design.

A stunning wall unit bookshelf will give your home a classical look, and style while also providing an ideal spot to store your prized book collection. 

This wall unit style is ideal if you frequently work from home or want to provide a comfortable location for your children to complete their schoolwork.

The Wall unit is the ideal location for storing and displaying all of your media accessories.

Your home office’s finishing touch inspires you to work comfortably at home.

Dining room wall units could be attractive or functional, storing plates, wine glasses, and recipe books, which purpose you want.

Wall units with fireplaces rapidly add warmth to the interior of your home.

Which is the best type of custom built-in wall unit?

Custom Wall Unit Cabinet and Fireplace

Hence the best type is the one which meets your needs and fits in available space.

The following are the few types of wall units to think about while considering an investment:

Modern wall units are often made of wood and look fabulous in almost any home.

Contemporary wall units have simple lines and metallic textures and are frequently simplistic in design.

Design the wall unit according to your dream, whatever you like.

Floating wall units seem stunning in modern houses and are a great option if you’re looking for something a little different.MIKIACabinets can construct whatever Wall / Entertainment Center Unit you choose is the best match for your family! To find more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right now.

Clutter is something that no one enjoys in their home. Wall unit cabinets hide clutter and assure you that all of your valuables have space in your cabinets.

The following are some of the advantages of this customized wall unit cabinet:

Consider customized wall unit cabinets rather than constructing or taking a separate space to TV only. In most modern homes, open-plan layouts are the standard. Still, there are situations when you need better identify zones in the living or dining room, sparing the whole wall for the wall unit customization. Wall unit cabinets can assist you in making a specific place for entertainment and related sound devices if it is in an open dining room or lounge. It provides enough storage options on a particular side if placed in the living room.

Interior designers frequently use custom wall unit cabinets to frame a sight. A compact, thin-wall unit in a bathroom, for example, can be created to make the interior feel so special. A homeowner will have a place for his or her bathing and grooming items while also increasing their comfort and the space’s aesthetic and feel.

Furniture is a long-term investment, yet it rarely outlasts a home’s construction. Bringing furniture and décor ideas from other homes into a new location is common, and this can distract from a home’s appeal. The requirement for moveable furniture is reduced when you have a custom wall unit cabinet. Rather than bedside tables and chests of drawers, a customized cabinet design with a gorgeous finish that suits your entire interior design plan is a better option.

MIKIACabinets fireplace cabinetry enhances and embellishes living rooms, bedrooms, and home workplaces with the beauty of excellent carpentry. Ordinary wall unit cabinets for TV can be transformed into magnificent settings for relaxing and entertainment with the unique and customized wall unit with fireplace design elements.Suppose you’ve not already thought of adding a beautiful custom wall unit cabinet and fireplace or eye-catching built-in bookshelves surrounding fireplace mantels to your home. In that case, you will do so right away. You must explore our previous work showcase for designs with unique concepts of modern built-in wall units.

Which fireplace should you select for the custom wall unit cabinet?

Custom Wall Unit Cabinet and Fireplace

A fireplace is an important component in creating a warm and appealing living room. Electric fireplaces have grown in popularity as a safer, low-maintenance replacement to conventional wood-burning fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces are popular because of their affordable cost and ease of maintenance. Electric fireplaces are inexpensive to install and consume less power than a central burning system to warm a room. You also won’t have to deal with ash and carbon cleanup. Relax with a book in a warm environment by just pressing a button on the remote control.

Electric fireplace models have also developed tremendously in recent years. The flames flicker and crackle more realistically, beautifully simulating a real wood fire. So it is recommended to choose modern wall-mounted electric fireplaces for your custom wall unit cabinet.

These days, a lot of people are selecting electric fireplaces for their custom wall units. The majority of people enjoy the feeling they experience while relaxing in front of a warm fireplace. Traditional fireplaces are defined by the warmth of the burning, holiday gatherings, the crackling of the coals, and the stories telling memories around them. Fireplaces are the lovely decoration of the wall units to any house.

Electric fireplaces are rising in popularity. They’re replacements for traditional conventional fireplaces. Electric fireplaces come in a range of styles, including conventional mantel, wall-mount, and fireplace insert, as well as several installation and decorative options.

These fireplaces help you save money on electricity and maintenance. Using one of these fireplaces in your custom wall unit cabinet allows you to add elegance to your home environment while saving money on electricity and maintenance.

There are three main types of fireplaces, each of which is easy to use. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces, electric fireplace inserts, and electric fireplace mantels are among them. Each kind is available in various materials and styles to complement any customized wall unit and its environment.

Two primary components of this fireplace include a separate mantel that contains the firebox and a vent-less firebox that shows the effect of a real flame. This fireplace can be plugged into any 120-volt wall socket. Mantels for fireplaces come in a variety of designs and hues. Some of them can be used as media controllers as well. Some of these electrical fireplace mantels include shelving for extra storage, as well as a place to keep your television within the custom wall unit.

These fireplaces come in a variety of styles, some of which can be installed straight into drywall. The mounting hardware for hanging fireplaces is generally included in the package. In addition, there is an owner’s guidebook with simple instructions. To ensure that the fireplace is placed in line with building codes, professionals may be needed for installation.

These fireplace inserts are made to fit into previous wall unit fireplaces. Fire-Place Insert cover any hearth with a steel or brick lining. This fireplace comes with LED inner glowing logs. Pulsating flames provide a realistic flame image. This fireplace is simple to install. All required is to connect the fireplace with a standard 120-volt socket of underground wiring in a custom wall unit cabinet. Place it in the middle of your fireplace. These insert fireplaces are available in both heated and non-heated versions.

Consider what you’ll be storing in the wall unit cabinets to verify the measurements are suitable (We offer FREE measurements, Call Now). You should also know about the room’s overall dimensions. In a tiny space, a smaller storage system is necessary to avoid the unit becoming overwhelming.
You should also decide the type of customized wall unit cabinet and fireplace you require in advance. Some of the possible choices are:

Ø  custom built bookcases,

Ø  custom built bunk beds,

Ø  storage cabinet murphy bed

Ø  customized desks,

Ø  custom made bar cabinet,

Ø  custom built coffee-bar, and

Ø  built-custom wall unit cabinets around fireplaces

These are just a few prominent examples of wall units.Please speak with a specialist (Call or e-mail us) about the different possibilities on the market since you may require a unique design to meet your specific requirements.

Which services of designing excellent custom wall units let us stand out among others? It’s not hidden. We work with our knowledge and think out of the box. We have skilled and experienced designers from Canada.

Our custom wall unit cabinet designers work and take a deep look to

Ø Carefully formulate a design that fits with your room’s schematics.

Ø Measure the desired wall in the area to ensure that the ultimate fit and installation are flawless.

Ø Examine, talk, propose, and recommend the finest materials and aesthetic features that will differentiate your custom wall units.

Ø Keep you informed about the status of your wall units and finish all aspects, such as color schemes and supplementary materials.

Ø For your wall unit cabinets, choose from a variety of styles.

Whether you are a true traditionalist, a genuine modernist, or a true contemporary, MIKIACabinets have the perfect design for you. Our knowledgeable staff can show you a variety of styles that complement your home’s architecture, as well as a mix of styles to suit even the most traditional or diverse preferences. We have considerable product knowledge and can provide a wide choice of stunning embellishments and modifications to make your customized wall unit cabinet stand out.

There are numerous options.

Ø Crown moldings are available in a range of styles and sizes.

Ø Corbels, high-quality wood on-lay floral designs, and carved wood decorations

Ø Brass, glossy nickel, and perfectly polished chrome are examples of metallic fittings.

Ø Cathedral, stained, flowery, swirling, frosted, and textured glass are examples of decorative glass.

We will build and install it to integrate it as a structural part of the area, whether it’s wall to wall, a small nook wall unit cabinet or a full-scale wall unit, ground to ceiling bookshelf with a sliding ladder.

Services from which existing clients nominate us among other competitors:

  • Best Pricing
  • Quick response rate
  • No Compromise on Quality
  • Linked Clients Trust from years
  • Ten years of experience with innovative industry
  • We are reaching the clients’ best-fit model by discussion
  • Free estimation and measurements for your custom wall unit cabinet and fireplace (Contact us at +1 – (647) 400 6768 or email us