Custom Laundry Room Cabinet

Custom Laundry Room Cabinet

Laundry room storage has a bad reputation for being confined. The secret behind simplifying laundry tasks and saving up much time for other activities is the best organization.


When it comes to constructing the best laundry room cabinets, striking the perfect balance between work area and space is essential. Consider the tasks that must be completed in the laundry room (which includes stain removal and organizing or folding clothes), as well as the goods that must be stored there, which includes detergents, washing products, ironing tools, hanging garments, and so on.


Consider whether the clean appearance of closed cabinet doors of the laundry room or the ease of open storage is more appealing to you. Along with a variety of storage options in a custom laundry room cabinet as well as a convenient work surface will help you make your custom laundry space bigger.

How Well-Designed Custom Laundry Room Cabinets Facilitate Us?

Custom Laundry Room Cabinet

Laundry is a pain to do. Laundry is a chore that few people enjoy, and even those who do find this to be a time-consuming and sometimes irritating process.

However, for many households, the situation becomes worse when the custom laundry room cabinets are not structured to fit your usage routines and style preferences. Many customized laundry rooms are dark, confining, and unadorned. The laundry room layout might also be difficult to navigate and dirty. In case if you have the latest and functional laundry room with customized cabinets, the cabinets may not be appropriate for the way your family utilizes the space.

The ultimate method to make the best custom laundry room cabinets a place you love utilizing is to design them with modern customized cabinets. Structure it with other useful material according to the available space by consulting the best carpentry and cabinetry MIKIACabinets (+1-(647)4006768). Custom cabinets also provide a variety of choices for renovating a customized laundry room. They give you the ability to:

What Should Include in a Custom Laundry Room?

Custom Laundry Room Cabinet
A well-designed laundry room provides a productive space for washing and folding clothes, as well as storage for cleaning products. You can ask for designs from MIKIACabinets (+1 – (647) 400 6768) for your new custom laundry room and cabinets. Generally, it should include

With so many ideas and design options, it can be difficult to decide where to begin customization in a laundry room. MIKIACabinets and Carpentry is a Canadian Company that provides the best designs, fabrications, and installing services of modern cabinets and wall units.

Our FREE Estimation (+1 – (647) 400 6768) service would be more satisfactory for you to design the custom laundry room cabinets according to your mindset and requirements. Custom cabinet units, particularly those for laundry rooms, are our specialty.
We also offer a design center with a competent team to help clients with their renovations from start to end. Our designers are specialists at modifying cabinets to match any size and purpose in a custom laundry room, as well as the requirements of each customer. They also know exactly what’s popular right now and how to pick the proper trends while still retaining your place unique to you.

Should Custom Laundry Room Cabinets Same as Kitchen Cabinets?

Custom Laundry Room Cabinet

Cabinets are the ready storage option for any room in your house. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are almost definitely present in your home.

Cabinets in the laundry room serve the same purpose as they do in the kitchen. They improve your storage capacity while also increasing your functional space. Cabinets also provide an aesthetic benefit, stabilizing your washing machine and dryer machine and enhancing the appearance of your laundry room while also customizing it.

Apart from their arrangement in various rooms and the occasional stylistic differences, custom bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets are similar. They’re all made out of the same primary cabinet boxes:

Base cabinets are cabinets that lie on the floor and serve as the foundation for a tabletop. They contain a depth size of 24 inches in most cases.

For a custom laundry room cabinet, wall cabinets with a depth size of 12 inches are put on the wall to give headspace for a member working under freely.

Full-height bottom cabinets are the same elevation size as your false ceiling have or stackable dryer and washer from the base floor. Their depth size is 24 inches, much like bottom storage cabinets.

The layout of a custom laundry room cabinet is created by combining these various cabinet units. A professional designer will create custom cabinets that are customized to the available space they will be fitted in, no matter if it is a laundry room or a kitchen.

Because the standard laundry room is congested than the normal kitchen, you and your designer should focus on performance and layouts that make the maximum of the available space.

The goods that you keep in your custom laundry room cabinets and the work surfaces that you require are also varied. You must separate cleansers, detergents, and irons rather than dishware and cookware. Instead of stovetops, you’ll need folding workstations. To satisfy these needs, custom cabinets in the laundry room with functions like rods and open storage shelving are designed that you wouldn’t normally have in a kitchen.

If you’re building a new kitchen and laundry room at the same time or renovating them at the same, it’s much more cost-efficient to use the same cabinet boxes in both spaces. This is why new builds sometimes use the same cabinet boxes, however, this is usually due to cost rather than preference or aesthetic. MIKIACabinets (+1 – (647) 400 6768) can provide you FREE Estimates for the custom cabinets of your laundry room or kitchen.

Things to Consider Before Designing Custom Laundry Room Cabinets

Custom Laundry Room Cabinet
When it comes to renovating your laundry room storage, the first decision you must make is whether you will do it yourself or contract it out. We suggest that you hire a professional for designing your custom laundry room cabinets. Because there is a lot more to it than just selecting out colors and materials.An experienced designer from MIKIACabinets (+1 – (647) 400 6768) will be available to cooperate with you. He will offer advice when you’re confused and ensure that each and every aspect is carefully observed.After all, our designers are experts in their field among the whole market. MIKIACabinet’s professionals have years of expertise designing unique laundry rooms with customized cabinets. Even if you’ve done remodels previously, they may help you with design decisions, modern trends, and features that you would otherwise miss.You and the designer (if you’re hiring one) will consider the size and arrangement of the space available, your storing and usage demands, and the style you desire for your modern laundry room while designing a custom laundry room cabinet.

Laundry room cabinets can be used in any preferable size area, even including rooms, cupboards, and open-air dryers and washers. The custom deep cabinets will assist you in making the most of the available space, but they must be planned with the appropriate dimensions in consideration from the start. The foundation for style and functionality is estimating the location where your laundry room cabinets will go, as well as any equipment or other appliances that will occupy the room space.

Laundry room cabinets are really useful in terms of usability. Many householders, especially those who live in older or smaller homes, have confined space and storage in their laundry rooms. A dryer and washer, as well as an inexpensive shelf, maybe all this is available in homes with limited or missing laundry rooms. A laundry room may become an even more work-friendly place with suitable custom cabinets.The level of functionality you require is determined by your family. Washing rooms frequently require storage for cleaners and detergents, but you could also include built-in storage for laundry baskets, clothes arrangement, basins, sinks, and air-drying. Work stations, tables, and specific storage can be found in laundry rooms layout that also serves as mudrooms, wardrobes, and utility rooms.For the various functions that custom cabinets can give, there are numerous sources of creativity. You can find several custom laundry room cabinet ideas from our booklet for the latest trends (Visit our main site MIKIACabinets), but you can also look on the internet or consult (+1 – (647) 400 6768) with our experienced designers. Upgrading your custom laundry room cabinets is a great way to create a space that fits your family’s needs while also making chores smoother.The aesthetic of your custom cabinets will be the focus of your next decisions, which will include materials, vibrant colors, door or glass fronts, and hardware accessories. Since cabinets and shelving consume wall spaces, they are quite prominent. They’ll probably be one of the first things you observe in your utility rooms, and they’ll play a major role in the entire design. The following are some of the most popular laundry room layout styles:

The style will be completed by other elements of design in your laundry room décor. Color combinations, floors, tables, and light fixtures, in addition to custom cabinets, will form a unified design that meets your tastes. If any of these components are previously in-room space, the vast modification options will allow you to match the existing design.

Homeowners who want to completely rebuild their laundry rooms or build a new custom laundry room cabinet in their house can collaborate with their designers +1 – (647) 400 6768. They can assist you in planning for countertops or tables, light fixtures, and other elements of custom laundry room cabinets at the same time, resulting in a stunning and coherent design.

How to Choose Cabinets and Countertops

Custom Laundry Room Cabinet
After finalizing the measurements and required features mentioned above, start searching for the best custom laundry room cabinets and countertops you want in your laundry room. Maybe you have already selected a concept based on designs you’ve seen and liked somewhere, or you may be looking for different concepts. The internet and hardware libraries are excellent places to explore your imagination. If you are still confused you can Call Us +1 – (647) 400 6768 for FREE Estimates. You can find our digital library here or can Contact Us for more information.

Our designer can also point you in the direction of solutions that are appropriate for your lifestyle and aesthetic. Many designers may be able to propose ideas that you may not have considered before. They may assist you in selecting things that will remain attractive, trendy, and valuable for a longer period.

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Custom Laundry Room Cabinet

How Much a Custom Laundry Room Cabinet Costs?

There is no quick way that calculate the cost of custom laundry room cabinets without consultation since each item is customized. The prices vary in brands used, and also within designs and complexity of applicable features. Please consider visiting our library or Contact Us (+1 - (647) 400 6768) because we always give the lowest pricing we can.

Do Provide Unique Features Such as Interior Cabinet Lighting?

Yes! This is something we can discuss during your appointment.

What You Suggest If I Need a Style You Don’t Offer?

It's rare to demand a cabinet design that we don't have because we're a custom cabinetry supplier and deal with several custom cabinet builders. Even though the style you want isn't featured in our display, our expert designers can work with you to explore through our portfolios to determine what possibilities are available to purchase.

Do You Have the Capacity to Handle Commercial Projects?

Yes! Despite that we have a private corporation, we have an outstanding staff that will always be prepared to take on any project that comes our way. Call us (+1 - (647) 400 6768) for appointment now.