Cabinets and Millwork

Cabinets and Millwork

Cabinets and Millwork

The most important part we go through during interior design is the work of carpentry. From cabinets and millwork to countertops and wall units it is definitely the toughest part for many reasons. 

When we hand over our cabinets and millwork to a carpentry company we literally hand over our dream, hopes, and a huge amount of money. Usually, in interior design especially on wooden work, it is a long-term project. We have to invest not only a huge amount of money but also a huge amount of time as well. That is why whenever it comes to cabinets and millwork everybody should be extremely cautious.

Since we are talking about cabinets and millwork so before you get to know why Mikia Cabinets is the best for cabinets and millwork you should know a little more about cabinets and millwork. To get a clear concept on cabinets and millwork and to understand more why it is so important to choose wisely before handling your cabinets and millwork project to just any company.


Millwork is a type of wooden work which is usually done inside a mill therefore it is called millwork. Millwork pieces are usually tailor-made or you can say custom-made. These pieces are made with customer preference.

The customer has to give their desired measurement, design and also they have to let the makers know what type of wood they prefer for their custom-made desired wood piece. As I had no idea which wood would be better for the door, frame, and other wood pieces in different rooms Mikia Cabinets discussed and they informed us every bit of it.

As it is not made in a batch it is more likely to make for a certain customer that is why it costs more than casework or cabinetry. Millwork is something that is more permanent and long-term.

Cabinets and Millwork
Cabinets and Millwork


A perfectly customized door can say a lot about you, even before entering your house. That is why while making a door you have to make sure it is not only made with perfect wooden material but is affordable. Mikia Cabinets has an extremely mass collection at a very reasonable price.


Transition can be a very amazing thing. We often do not want other people to see some transitions in our house. When we hide a transition part of our house with usually straight and long decoration pieces is called moldings, such as the transition to the wall to wall or a room to room.

Cabinets and Millwork
Cabinets and Millwork


Trim is when a lightweight wood piece is used to hide a broken part or gap indoor.


Flooring is when the floor is done with desired real wood pieces rather than tile or marble.

Window casing

Pine and Oakwood are often used for window casing. Window casing is less wide than window trim

Wall paneling

Wall paneling is when the wall is covered with garnished wood for decoration purposes or to hide unwanted showing wires.

Cabinets and Millwork
Cabinets and Millwork

Door frame

Door frames need a different kind of wood such as Pine and Cedar.

Base trim

One third wider trim is used for the base trim it is placed where the ending of the wall and the starting of the floor meet. The base trim is placed to prevent the damage of the wall from vacuum and wetness.


A big embellished piece of furniture with shelves along with hanging space and bigger than wardrobe, which is a little more on the expensive side and used for a long time is called an armoire. It is a form of aristocracy.


When a window frame and sash made of wood is called wood sash, softer wood like Pinewood is preferred for this.


when rich craftwork is done on wood for decoration purposes is called wood embellishment. Wood embellishment is usually seen on armoires, tables, and doors.

Cabinets and Millwork
Cabinets and Millwork

Crown molding

Crown molding is placed where the top of the wall meets the ceiling.


Mostly inside the office or study or living room shelve is placed to keep important and confidential papers.


The mantel is the upper piece of the fireplace.

Cabinets and Millwork
Cabinets and Millwork

These are some examples of millwork. Millwork is something connected to aristocracy so you cannot just go to any company to get your millwork done. Mikia Cabinets has a team of experienced artisans for any kind of cabinets or millwork. Millwork is expensive carpentry work. But Mikia Cabinets offers a mass range of products for every customer and they beat their competitors in pricing.


Cabinets or cabinetry are a subsector or a smaller sector of millwork. Cabinets are usually less pricey. Most of the company does not provide exclusive or custom-made casework or cabinetry so it gets very exhausting to find a company that will provide custom cabinetry for office space, kitchen, bathroom, vanity or library, etc.

Cabinets and Millwork


Cabinets are a box which has many layers with doors where we put our everyday useful papers or everyday things.


Bookcase has to be stronger as it has to hold a lot of books for a long period of time.

Cabinets and Millwork
Cabinets and Millwork

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is when a bigger cabinet inside the kitchen has a countertop.


Countertop is a horizontal surface on a cabinet inside the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. There are many kinds of countertops like Marble, Granite, Tiles but the best is Quartz Countertop.

Cabinets and Millwork
Cabinets and Millwork


A drawer is when a box slides inside another bigger box.  Things like papers, tools, or other everyday useful things are meant to keep inside a drawer.


A cupboard is usually found inside a kitchen or inside a bedroom or a walking closet. It is a spacious and bigger cabinet. The main difference between a cabinet to a cupboard is it is not attached to a wall.


Dressers is a big cabinet not attached to a wall and its specialty is it has a mirror or a surface where you can put things and people can see it from outside.


A desk is when a cabinet has enough horizontal space on top to work, study or to keep or do things.

Cabinets and Millwork
Cabinets and Millwork


A table is when a horizontal piece of furniture stands usually on two or four legs and it is wide enough to eat with family or study.

Cabinets and Millwork

Cabinetry or casework is no less than millwork. Things used in daily life are under casework. We have to make sure that it is not only strong but durable enough to last long the use and everyday abuse. Mikia Cabinets always makes sure to satisfy their customer with their customer service. Usually, companies do not do Custom Cabinetry works even if they do the pricing is extremely high. Mikia Cabinets make sure that every client is getting the perfect service along with reasonable pricing from them.


WHAT MIKIA CABINETS CLAIMS ABOUT THEMSELVES: Getting designer cabinets and millwork custom-made is not an easy job. There are so many companies in the market but Mikia Cabinets is ruling the market for years with happy and repetitive clients, before you choose them for your cabinets and millwork you need to know what they have to say about themselves

  • Firstly Mikia Cabinets has been in the market for 10 years.
  • Secondly Mikia cabinets have the reputation of beating their competitors’ prices with the same or better quality of service in cabinets and millwork.
  • Also experienced and quality artisans for cabinets and millwork are one of the most amazing reasons why clients love Mikia Cabinets and that is also why they are in the market for so many years.
  • Mikia Cabinets estimation and measurement are free!
  • Mikia Cabinets Responses extremely fast to their clients.

WHAT MIKIA CABINETS CLIENTS’ SAYS ABOUT THEIR CUSTOM CABINETS AND MILLWORK EXPERIENCE: But those were the claims Mikia Cabinets did for themselves but these are the claims their clients did after getting their cabinets and millwork service was:

  • Mikia Cabinets is extremely punctual with their cabinets and millwork, their shipping time was extremely on time even in the pandemic situation.
  • Their products for cabinets and millwork are extremely top quality.
  • Mikia Cabinets gives attention to each and every detail of cabinets and millwork.
  • Everything goes together perfectly.
  • Mikia Cabinets has the best production team.
  • They will follow up from time to time from the start to the end during their cabinets and millwork.
  • They not only have a mass range of products for your desired cabinets and millwork but also have a very reasonable price for every cabinets and millwork design.
  • Mikia Cabinets is extremely professional hence, getting cabinets and millwork done from them seemed so comforting.
  • Mikia Cabinets make sure that they are giving your desired cabinets and millwork imagination a perfect, strong, and durable reality.
  • They will go every way possible to make sure their client is getting the exact cabinets and millwork they asked for.
  • Even though they are extremely professional but in the meantime, they are very friendly and cooperative during the whole measurement to installation period of cabinets and millwork.
  • Mikia Cabinets helps their clients by also giving them helpful advice.
  • After finishing their work they clean, paint, and vacuum before leaving the place.
  • Mikia Cabinets has professional art of communication hence, they will find any solution to your cabinets and millwork issue at any time.
  • Mikia Cabinets even gives advice for any future, active or pending cabinets and millwork.

Getting cabinets and millwork done from the same company is a relief. The understanding and cooperativeness and the advice you get throughout the whole time are such a blessing. Mikia Cabinets really marked their cabinets and mill reputation with a standard team of artisans, their price range and mass range of collection extremely top tier. In conclusion, choosing them for your cabinets and millwork is the best decision you will ever make.

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